About Us

A company with an endless effort – Sang Shin

For over 40 years, Sang Shin’s technology and expertise have gone into the manufacturing and exporting of its main line of products, hairbrushes for professional stylists, both in finished and semi-finished product form.

Sang Shin has the largest production capacity in Korea for manufacturing finished and semi-finished Hot Curling Thermal Hairbrush products made with aluminum materials. That kind of performance established Sang Shin’s reputation among domestic manufacturers and exporters of brushes, as a company that makes quality products, with the latest in technology.

Brush products made by Sang Shin are currently exported and sold to major manufacturers, importers, and distributors worldwide, including North & South America, Europe, Middle East, and Asia. Most of our products are made and exported by OEM or ODM methods.

Sang Shin strives to be recognized, not as the largest company, but as a manufacturer of high quality products that satisfy customers’ expectations. Everyone at Sang Shin gives its best in order to make quality brush products that reflect our corporate philosophy, history and the master craftsman’s spirit.