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Privacy Policy

1. Purpose of Collecting Personal Information
‘Sang Shin’ collects and uses your Personal Information to be used for the
purpose of providing inquiry and request services. We will not disclose, sell,
trade, or rent Personal Information without your prior consent, and in case
the purpose of collecting and using personal information is altered, we will
inform you of the changes and receive your agreement.

2. Terms of Retention and Usage of Personal Information
In principle, your information will be immediately destroyed upon
achievement of purpose of collecting personal information. However, the
information may be retained for one year to verify the details sent out to
you. Also, we are entitled to retain your personal information as provided by
the relevant law.

3. Personal Information We Collect
Company Name, Your name, E-mail, Tel., & Contents of your inquiry.

This policy will take effect on December 01, 2020.

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