High quality products that satisfy customers' expectations

Sang Shin strives to be recognized, not as the largest company, but as a manufacturer of high quality products that satisfy customers’ expectations. This will always be our priority.

That philosophy means that everyone at Sang Shin focuses its efforts on the development of products that customers can count on as the best and safest that money can buy.

Those efforts have resulted in the production of multi-functional products with higher anti-bacterial and deodorizing capacity, as well as the ability to discharge anions and Far-Infrared Rays. This was possible through application of Nano Silver anti-bacterial material, ceramic mineral, Tourmaline, Graphite, & Germanium as well as other materials that reduce static electricity & help to maintain healthy hair & scalp.

Sang Shin will continue to do our best to bring our customers the highest quality and safest products available on the market.