Germanium + Rare Earth Elements

Give the energy to your hair & scalp

  • GeBionl7R

    GeBion17® is a unique Hybrid mineral containing Germanium(Ge) and 17 kinds of Rare Earth Elements(Re). It is not only the name of mineral itself that we made, but also it is the name of products that contain GeBion17® mineral. Sang Shin has made all its efforts to develop the products that give the health benefits as well as styling benefits to the customers since its foundation. GeBion17® is the unique & revolutionary outcome from this long journey for the customers.

  • GeBionl7R The main benefits of GeBion17® brushes

    • Keep moisture from evaporating and help to keep healthy hair & scalp condition
    • Help to purify the blood and eliminate toxic substances from human body.
    • Emit Anion (minus ion) & Far Infrared rays.
    • Effective to kill the germs(Antibacterial), and have deodorizing effects.
  • GeBionl7RTest Reports

    Mineral Contents

    Deodorization Test

    Far Infrared Rays Test

    Antibacterial Test