For Faster Heat Distribution & Higher Static Free Performance

  • 01. Graphite + Ceramic Coated Body

    It is the mixture of Graphite and Ceramic mineral created by our highest painting technologies. Our Graphite + Ceramic technology was created by gathering only the benefits of both Graphite & Ceramic mineral.

    • It distributes the heat faster than regular ceramic barrel, and the heat emission power is also increased.
    • It has powerful electric conductivity which makes higher static-free effect.
    • It is very strong for all kinds of hair chemical.
  • 02. Ionic Bristles (Wavy Shape + Soft Top)

    Wavy bristles help to touch wider area of hair while soft ground bristle tips help to contact with hair & scalp gently without harshness. We add Ionic & Static-Free minerals for healthy & shiny hair.

  • 03. Electric Conduction Painting (Carbon) on Cap/Handle

    We spray electric conduction paint which contains Carbon mineral on each plastic parts so that the static electricity can be absorbed & gone into human hand. These will maximize static-free benefit for Graphite brushes.