Healthy & Stylish

  • 01. Ceramic-Coated Body

    One of the major benefits of using a ceramic-coated hairbrush is the Thermal Conduction Effect, which happens when you style your hair by using the heat from blow dryers. When the main aluminum barrel is coated with ceramic, the heat disperses evenly over the surface, and can prevent damage to the hair & skin while you brush your hair for the desired styling. Also, Ceramic releases Far Infrared Ray when it is heated, which is beneficial to human body in many ways such as preventing hair from getting split-ends & frizzy, protecting your skin from excessive heat.

  • 02. Nano Silver(Ag+) Bristles

    Silver(Ag+) has been recognized as a substance with many natural benefits such as protecting from bacteria & fungus, sterilizing, and detoxifying since ancient times. To take full advantage of those benefits, Sang Shin is applying the nano technology called 'Nano Silver' to make high quality brush bristles for healthy hair.

  • 03. Negative lon(Anion)

    Scientists summarize the major function of anions as: 1)Purification of blood, 2)Revitalization of cells, 3)Increased resistance against various diseases, 4) Coordination of autonomic nerves, and 5)Easing of pain. Sang Shin's ionic hair brushes give you that refreshed feeling when you brush your hair, while releasing the tension and fatigue from your hair and skin. In addition, by suppressing evaporation of moisture, our brush helps you maintain healthy, shiny hair.

  • 04. Grinding/Polishing Treatment of Bristle Tips

    We grind/polish the tip of each Nylon 66 bristle to make it round and smooth, like those of a toothbrush, so that when touching the skin of your head, the bristles won't feel too harsh or sharp. It also can prevent scratching of the skin, while leaving you with a feeling of gentleness as they pass through your hair.

  • 05. Unique Wavy Bristles Structure

    Increases the area that touches the hair :
    Our wavy bristles have broader contact with your hair, compared to products by other manufacturers with straight-sided bristles. Our wavy bristles have better friction, and are less slippery on the hair when blow drying, so that you can always brush your hair smoothly and easily, while decreasing drying time.

    Minimal loss of bristles from the brush :
    Most nylon bristles are twisted inside the aluminum barrel onto metal wires so that they don't dislocate. However, since metals expand when exposed to heat, the bristles twisted onto the metal wires are lost one by one, over long use. The wavy bristles made by Sang Shin are layered over each other very tightly onto the metal wires for better support and prevent the bristles lost after prolonged use.